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We are unable to understand our future without a deep knowledge of the cultural and civilizational pillars of humanity’s past. The Greco-Roman civilization is undoubtedly a tradition of universal value, through its unique power to transform and determine every field of human activity for over ten centuries in three continents.

We present here a notebook on Classical Studies, in order to promote works from History, Archaeology, Religious Studies, Philology,Philosophy,Cultural Studies, Linguistics and Architecture, concentrated not only on the period from 600 B.C to 600 A.D.
We strongly believe that we need to produce more scientific work with reference to the importance of Greco-Roman Civilization for our post-modern world.

This interesting meeting of a pre-modern world with the post-modern world could be not only an academic effort but moreover a general cultural trend of knowledge and creative mimesis for every citizen.

For this reason , this notebook will have a role of academic mirror publishing from every relevant fields scientific works, and parallel will present personal thoughts for the importance of Classical Antiquity.

Finally, I hope this blog, to create communication, contacts and initiatives on international level between those who will find important to unify their knowledge on Greco-Roman world in a practical way. The idea to support platforms, non-profit societies, Foundations and Institutes, academic personalities or networks of students and independent researchers , was the motivation for this notebook and i really hope to be the result of our effort.

May 2013
Patras, Greece

Spyridon Kogas



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